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    "personal peace is not given to us by others -

    it arises through our response to ourselves"

    ~michael brown

    One of the most effective tools for transforming your relationship with yourself and increasing present moment awareness. We provide a weekly accountability structure for:

    Michael Brown's The Presence Process

    including two personal coaching sessions with Shirley

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    "Taking the time to focus on what really matters to you as a woman inevitably unfolds into the unexpected yet deeply desired."

    ~ Shirley Brown


    For Women! This very special three-month group coaching program is for those who are ready to effectively move areas that are stuck, dying or dead with care, grace and poise.

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    One on One Coaching

    a powerful effective ally in your corner can change your life!


    Are you ready and willing to take your life in that new direction? Resolve issues that have been stopping you on your path. Create and live the life that you've always wanted. It is POSSIBLE!


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    Program Design and Delivery

    Customized programs


    Shirley works with groups and organizations to design and deliver programs that address specific issues or desired goals, be it public speaking, accountability structures or group/staff morale, Shirley's approach and support are spot on.


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  • Certified Professional Coach

    Unwavering in her commitment that people live life from what matters most to them,

    Shirley brings unique skills from thirty years and thousands of hours of experience in working with groups and individuals.

    She designs programs and offers coaching sessions which skillfully guide people toward the clarification and realization of living life aligned with what truly matters.

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