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    Program Design and Delivery

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    I work with groups and organizations to design/deliver/support programs or initiatives which address specific issues or desired goals. Communication, Conflict Resolution, Accountability Structures or Group/Staff Morale, Shirley's approach and support are spot on.

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  • Certified Professional Coach, Podcast Host and Champion of the voice of Women

    "I know that you can experience the magic

    of living life from what matters most to you!

    It isn't always easy but you will find that it is simple.

    One step in front of the other and before you know it,

    your life has shifted and you are living what you had longed to have

    vs. living longing to have something that you don't have."


    Shirley brings unique skills from thirty years and thousands of hours

    of experience in working with groups and individuals.


    Offering coaching sessions, podcasts and group coaching programs

    Shirley skillfully guides her clients toward the clarification and realization of

    what it is that they are wanting,

    especially when you don't know what it is that you want!


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    A master of transformative conversations!


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